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Retail Locations are our specialty.

Location, Location, Location...

The old adage holds true and with the capital for proper tenant improvements, your property can be world class. 

What we do

Koach Capital is a real estate investment firm focused on growth oriented operations in the United States.  We invest in brick and mortar in prime locations that have the correct zoning for special purpose permitting or oppurtunity zone.

Our Sale-Leaseback program offers below market rates and can be executed rapidly to meet your timing. We focus on portfolios of properties where each property’s value is typically $500,000 - $5,000,000.

Our Focus

Koach Capital focuses on retail portfolios that can maximize returns for our limited partners with a focus on capital preservation. If you can sell 100% of your property, yet you still want complete control over its use, then we are probably a fit for you. We typically draft 10 year leases with multiple renewal options.

Management Team

Sandy Kronenberg

Sandy's entrepreneurial success began by founding Netarx – a network integration and services provider to large enterprises.  In 2009, Netarx acquired the VAR business of Analysts International (including Sequoia and Entree Systems). In 2011 Netarx was acquired by Logicalis (a division of Datatec - Symbol LSE: DTC) and Sandy joined as its Chief Technology Officer. He continued his entrepreneurial success by founding Yottabyte, Quintree Medical, and most recently, Koach Capital. Also, Sandy served as a Venture Partner of Ludlow Ventures, a venture capital fund focusing on investments in early-stage tech companies. Sandy contributes to the community via lectures, publications and developing new technologies - he currently holds six U.S. Patents.

Robert Feldman

Rob has owned and operated numerous businesses in his career.  Focusing on operations, a competitive advantage when looking for qualified areas to invest, Rob started Impact Steel in 2003. ISC had locations in the United States and Canada specializing in flat rolled-coils, sheets, and blanks, in a variety of coated and non-coated products in assorted gauges, tempers, and widths. He grew the business to one of the top 200 privately held companies headquartered in Michigan. Most recently Rob was part of the founding team, and acted as COO of Service.com.


Koach Capital was formed to provide capital to businesses that can't get financing from traditional banking sources. We help businesses grow faster by freeing up otherwise buried capital. We are looking for:

  • Experienced Teams
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Ability to Execute
  • Premium Locations - Only retail at this time
  • 100% Ownership in Property

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Investor Returns

Use We are always looking for high net-worth individuals that are looking for returns beyond traditional cap rates.

  • 16% - 18% Targeted IRR

  • Potential upside on the real estate when sold

  • Preferred Return / Quarterly Cash Distributions 

  • Minimum investment of $50,000 (for individual properties) or $250,000 (for one of our funds)              

  • If interested, the first step is to execute an NDA so that we may begin to share our offerings as they are issued: