Mitch on Benzinga

12.08.21 05:34 PM By Sandy Kronenberg - Comment(s)
Mitch Kahn is interviewed by Patrick Lane and Javier Hasse about Koach Capital's sale-leasebacks

Cannabis Real Estate - turning green zones into gold

26.07.21 09:45 AM By Sandy Kronenberg - Comment(s)

When Koach Capital started meeting with single-state operators (SSOs) and multi-state operators (MSOs) 3 years ago, we were surprised at how many of these operators could not get bank financing for their properties. What also surprised us was how much they paid for these properties. At Koach, we oft...

Exit multiple on cannabis acquisitions

22.07.21 12:03 PM By Sandy Kronenberg - Comment(s)

As many of you already know, Koach Capital buys retail dispensaries from operators in order to unlock growth capital. But, what you don't know is that inevitably, during the first transaction with a new operator, the question is posed "if we sell our real estate - how does that affect our ...

Why Koach Capital

22.07.21 11:55 AM By Sandy Kronenberg - Comment(s)

This article will be the first among many from Koach where I will seek to cover the real stories behind the marijuana capital markets and all the crazy mergers & acquisitions. Rob Feldman, my partner in Koach, will be interviewing some of the OG's to help explain the back stories of...